Tips for learning Korean!


Learning foreign language must be tough! We have to walk long distances. That’s why we have to know how to motivate ourselves.

  1. Start with the basic and easy stuff. Try to achieve small things every day. It will teach you the pleasure of learning.
  2. Make it a habit. If you study a little bit every day, or on the same day every week, you’ll find it much easier to keep going!
  3. Know what inspires you. If you can make learning the foreign language a part of a bigger goal, it will be easier to push through whenever you are starting to get frustrated!
  4. Make a long relationship with friends during your journey. You can go faster alone but further together.
  5. Enjoy it. If not, find your own way to entertain yourself. Movie, drama, comics, song, food, travel… whatever! HelloTalk and FaceBook also can be one of the ways to help us. I love to read your moments and feeds, my friends!


  • Description
    • Short for 맛있는 점심(delicious lunch)
    • Greetings for person who goes to lunch
    • Be used commonly and frequently on the internet and smartphones.
    • Before only for young people, but these days many adults use that too.
  • Used as follows
    • 맛점하세요(Enjoy your lunch / Have a good lunch)
    • It can be normally used among intimate friends. If you’re not familiar with him or her, you’d better say formally like ‘점심 맛있게 드세요’.
  • Example
    • 식사하러 가세요? 맛점하세요~ (Are you going to get food now? Enjoy your lunch~)
    • [Text Chat]
      • A: 배고파~ 나 점심 먹으러 간다. (Hungry~ I’m gonna get some lunch.)
      • B: 맛점하세요. (Enjoy your lunch.)
      • C: 맛점. (Enjoy your lunch.)
      • D: 맛점해. (Enjoy your lunch.)
  • Related Terms
    • 맛저(mat-jeo) is short for 맛있는 저녁(delicious dinner). 
    • 맛있는 아침(delicious breakfast) can be abbreviated to 맛아(mat-ah) but I’ve never heard of it personally. It’s not easy to say hello before breakfast… lol



Hi, my friends! I’m going to post all kinds of the wired and cheapo stuff about Korea and Korean.

I hope you could find some funny and helpful things here! ^^